From web developing to design, from photography to copywriting. All the aspects involved in the creation of a website are covered. Keep reading to learn all the things I can do help you with.

Web Developing

There is different levels of difficulty involve in building a website. Here is the most common types of websites.

Brochure Website

What is it?
A Brochure Website is the simplest and most common website out there.

It usually is few pages, less than 10, with information about ​you, your business, a contact page… And the so.

How much is it?

A Brochure Website can cost between $2000 to $5000 considering the design, if content such are photos and copy are provided.

Some Examples

Business to Business (B2B) website design to present the company to potential clients and investors.

Single page website that promote a networking and music event.

Website to promote a brand of hair extensions and wigs.

eCommerce Website

What is an eCommerce website?

This is a website that features a store to either display or sell products online.

It requires higher security settings than a brochure. And more work on setting up and optimization.

How much is it?

An eCommerce Website can cost around $10000.

This kind of websites can require the production of a lot of content, such as taking pictures, photoshopping them, and writing copy. this kind of work is rated at $20 per hour.

Some Examples

Online store that sell hair extensions and wigs

Store website that display the available catalog of products of a furniture store.


I have found that customers usually don’t need just a website, but they need a whole branding package that include the design of business cards, flyers, email templates price tags, package design and all sort of other materials that need to be design with the same design language so to have a consistent branding.

I can also manage social media, such as Facebook, Yelp, twitter, Google+


I use standard industry practices to optimize a website.

And use google provided tools such as Analytics, the Search Console, MyBusiness, AdWords, just to mention the most common tools I use to monitor and optimize websites to score better results with search engines.

Content Creation

Some costumers provide the content for their website, suchs as copy, images and videos. But sometimes I am required to produce this content.

Copy Writing

Google and other search engines will favour websites with a considerable amount of copy, as it is easier for their scanners to read and process the website into their databases.

It is important that the copy have all the information the user needs, but also that it have all the possible optimizations to score better with search engines.

Most of my clients don’t have the time or sometimes to type all this information down. They have found a convenient workflow to have someone to type the copy and then review and make the corrections that need to be done.

I do offer this service. THe copy will never be a 100% to your liking on the first draft out. But it will be something workable and after few corrections will be of your satisfaction.


There is a lot of technical aspects behind taking great looking pictures.

I will help you navigate al this technicalities and set you up with the right equipment for your needs. I have design photography stations before.

After the photos are taken they usually need some level of touch up, in a software like photoshop, and furthermore they need to be formatted and optimized for the website. I have taken, and processed thousands of pictures.

Video Production

VIdeo production requires all the technical aspects of photography pluss the technical aspects of audio.

I am capable of producing simple videos, from producing the script, to recording to editing it.